yvonne modderman


Studio Modderman is based in Amsterdam and is a combination of an architectural office and other forms of entrepreneurship. With this the studio is able to move freely between issues of scale, program, materiality and people enabling original views and unexpected synergies.

Unlike a traditional office, Studio Modderman is constantly seeking to collaborate with people of different expertise and qualities. This is no different for clients. Although different interests might be at stake, the idea is to create a transparant and dynamic process in order to optimize quality, implementation and execution of the project in the earliest possible phase. Hence, Studio Modderman is able to develop projects that are economically efficient and innovative. Simplicity is the shortest path to beauty. *

It is through movement that Yvonne Modderman understands the world around us all. Nothing stands still; even buildings can be seen as a frozen moment in time. So what matters is how one moves and what energy is used in order to start moving.

The same is for architecture. When we think of architecture, most of us think of the big, powerful gestures from last century in which architecture was on top of big changes in society. Today, it is all about small movements, and as a result, it is more difficult to see the big picture. An urge to focus on origin and sustainabillity is part of the Zeitgeist of today and an important focus for Studio Modderman as well.

Yvonne Modderman studied architecture at the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands. In 2004 she presented her graduation project in which ‘social space between different cultures was explored’ with fashion being the coherent factor. After graduation, she decided to work as an editor and started a new magazine for architectural detail and materials in collaboration with Caroline Kruit. After a while, she felt the urge to explore and create her own designs again. For Sander Architecten, she worked on the interior of the new office for Rabobank Nederland, an interior of 56.000 m2, where the final design managed to ‘stretch the boundaries of the modern office’ and ‘Het nieuwe werken’. In 2013 she openend her own studio in Amsterdam.

* F.J.L. Ghijsels, architect in Indonesia